SCO-1-7The past six or so years I’ve been quietly obsessed with how black lesbians have carved out space for themselves and affectionately coined my obsession “TAKEN SPACES: BLACK LESBIANS…” My interest is multifold because growing up in Port-au-Prince to urban Massachusetts to New York City, I did not encounter any lesbians until college, and black lesbians until about the age of 21……So I’ve always seriously questioned if women like me existed!

The Lesbian Herstory Archives has tangible artifacts to answer my perpetual question.  The Archives has an abundance of resources from and about lesbians, from famous lesbians to everyday lesbian women.  Every lesbian is equally valued, equally seen, equally witnessed.

These zines about black lesbians were crafted based on my visits to the Archives; they represent my experiences there with documents I happened to come across during my time there. There are so many lives to comb thru at the Archives, show up! Maybe make your own zine, volunteer, witness the lives that came before and be comforted by their journey.



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